Smith Art Collective

empowers hotels and other properties to transform barren, unused walls into revenue-generating spaces adorned with timeless works that guests can purchase. We're dedicated to building the profitability and loyalty of properties through exclusive, curated collections of timeless imagery. Our tiers of service cater to different needs and aesthetics, ensuring that every property can find a solution that enhances guest experience while increasing revenue and customer loyalty. Inquire to discover the three tiers available and explore how our service works.

Tier 1: Artful Revenue

This tier offers a cost-free solution to activate your spaces. By utilizing your existing artwork, we implement a seamless integration of art and innovation without expenses. This approach not only enhances your existing aesthetics but also introduces a new, effortless revenue stream.

Tier 2: Signature Selection

Transform your property with a handpicked selection of artwork that cater to a wide array of tastes and settings. This tier is designed to offer versatility and appeal to diverse guest preferences, enhancing the overall ambiance while providing a new avenue for revenue without the constraints.

Tier 3: Custom Elegance

For a truly unique experience, this tier provides location-specific art collections that align with your property’s theme and local environment. This approach provides guests with a tailored immersive experience, enriching their stay and nurturing greater loyalty.